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May 10, 2021

BIG-IQ reports capabilities and licensing.

Hi, I'm just newbie in the BIG-IQ solution, so apologize in advance for this question if too easy.   I've just deployed a BIG-IQ VM in a VMware farm, only with the F5-BIQ-VE-LAB License Managem...
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    May 10, 2021

    Hi Albert,


    Yes and no...

    Yes, you need to have a DCD for the logging capabilies, but no, you don't need to buy a license for it. For a few years, the F5-BIQ-VE-LOG-NODE license was a zero-cost license; after F5 recognised that nobody wants to buy BigIQ licenses purely for a log node, it was a kind of placeholder to make it work.

    Since version 7.1, the license is no longer needed either, and you can build a DCD node without a license. When building the DCD, in the initial wizard, simply select skip or "no license" and you can continue.


    Hope this helps.