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Apr 01, 2024

Big-IP Virtual Edition Configuration Loading Failure

I am encountering an issue with my Big-IP virtual edition where the configuration fails to load. Upon accessing the Command Line Interface (CLI), the following message is displayed:

Sys::mcpd State:
Running Phase                   platform
Last Configuration Load Status  base-config-load-failed
End Platform ID Received        true

Additionally, when attempting to load the system configuration using the command `tmsh load sys config`, the process encounters an error and aborts. The specific error message received is:
Loading system configuration...
Loading configuration...
Unexpected Error: No user configuration is found. Loading process is aborted.

Troubleshooting Steps Attempted:

1. Checked the status of `Sys::mcpd` using `tmsh show sys mcp-stat`.
2. Attempted to reload the system configuration using `tmsh load sys config`.

I seek assistance in resolving this issue. Please provide guidance on potential troubleshooting steps or solutions to rectify the configuration loading failure.

2 Replies

  • Nizar  Hello  it looks like you may have seen this article, however the 3rd option is a common cause of configuration failed to load.

    Did you  reactivate your License Prior to  the upgrade? 

    If not are you able to boot back to the previous partition and reactivate.  Once done you should be able to reboot back to new partition and continue your load.  


  • I suggest loading a recent UCS to re-apply the latest configuration.   What were you doing to get to this error?