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Feb 08, 2019

BIG-IP spamming Syslog messages "truncating integer value > 32 bits"

Hey guys,

after upgrading my BIG-IP Cluster from 12.1.3 to 14.1.0 one (and only one!) of them keeps spamming Syslog messages:

Feb  5 22:45:09 **FQDN_of_BIGIP** err snmpd[4966]: truncating integer value > 32 bits

This message is sent every 5 minutes. Reloading didn't help.

Does anyone know, what that means and how I can fix it?

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  • did you figure this out? i have several f5s doing this, some of which were fine after a reboot, others were not.

  • Hi,


    Most probably You resolved this, but there have been 360 views, so adding the root cause:

  • I had a similar issue and bigstart restart snmpd (it will cause no impact) solved it for me, so you can try that and if it does not help an reboot as Nik said. If it does not help you may look at what Vainius gave as there are stable versions in the bug article.

  • F5 support created a hotfix for me, I guess there is no plan to repair this in v14 however it's been fixed in v15.