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Apr 11, 2022

Big IP Packet size

Hi everyone, I'm investigating some mp4 video streaming issues via F5 LB. For some reason after a few minutes of streaming, the video stops working with TCP ZeroWindowProbe error. I suspect some packet fragmentation issue in LB or in the web browser, but not sure. I see some strange thing when making a packet capture I see a packet size of 1632B on the Load balancer, but 1414B on the client, can someone could suggest to me, what could be the reason? 

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  • Hi,

    The LTM has many features to reduce the size of the traffic,  so is normal to see these differences in size, Could you try to configure a Performance (Layer 4) virtual server? for streaming video is probably not recommended to use a standard virtual server and inspect the layer7.

    If layer 7 is needed, you probably must play modifying the windows size in a custom TCP profile to fit your application.

    Hope it help.