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Aug 02, 2011


Looking for advice on setup of the BIG-IP LTM VE in our VMware ESXi environment. Currently our environment is unique with respect that we do not have a DMZ, our internal IP addresses are the same as our external IP addresses. Our vSwitch is seperated into individual vlans. During the setup of the VE it prompts for the internal and external networks. If our internal and external IPs are the same and our network is seperated into vlans would the internal and external be the same vlan ID?


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  • If your internal and external are in the same subnet mask and broadcast domain, then you don't need both vlans configured on the VE. You can just give one side a dummy value to get through the set up process, or you can exit the set up process and manually configure the vlan, self IP, etc. However, if your internal and external share the same address space, but are in different broadcast domain, and should be separated at layer 2, then you may need to use Route Domain on LTM. Look for Route Domain on F5 knowledgebase site.