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Nov 10, 2010

BIG-IP LTM does not appear on Agent add target combo box




I am trying to setup the plug-in in a test platform.


The version of OEM is OEM 11g R1 and I went to preferences and setup the preferred credentials to the specific agent. I have used the credentials for the same user which runs the agent ->"oracle".


Then imported the plug-in, and deployed on the specific agent. Apparently there were no errors on the deploy.



When I go to the agent homepage, there is no "BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager" option.



And I have no files inside %scriptsDir%/emx/f5_bigip_v9plus_loadbalancer/, wich are pointed by OSLineToken FetchLets. But the directory exists.



Did a bounce on the agent and got a warning about parsing the default_collection in the logs, and so I have corrected the typos in lines 229 and 279 passing "HR" to "Hr".


Bounced the agent again, still no luck about getting the entry in the combo box.





In the installation guide, what are "correct privileges"?


---Preferred credentials are set on all Agents where you want to deploy the plug-in. Unless you assign correct privileges, the deployment will fail.


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    When I come back from lunch, re-entered in Oracle EM OMS GUI, and when went to the Agent, the BIG IP was now available.



    I have already added instances, and it look OK. Now I have to take a look to all these metric collection errors.... like these:



    em_error = at Method) at$1.lookupAllHostAddr( at at at at at at oracle.sysman.mpi.f5.bigip.VirtualServerConfig.getVSInfo( at oracle.sysman.mpi.f5.bigip.VirtualServerConfig.getAllVSInfo( at oracle.sysman.mpi.f5.bigip.VirtualServerConfig.acceptRequest( at oracle.sysman.mpi.f5.bigip.MetricCollection.acceptRequest( at oracle.sysman.mpi.f5.bigip.MetricCollector.main(


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    On the surface it appears that somehow the hostname for the BIG-IP was entered as rather than ???



    Is this happening for all metrics or just some?



    If you go to target -> All Metrics (bottom in related links) -> Nodes (for example), do you see good data?