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Dec 13, 2022

BIG-IP i5600 and throughput limits



Please advise on the i5600  throughput limits base on AWAF license .


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  • Hi Ronenb,

    I have a different view here. While the throughput limits in the datasheet are theoretic numbers from a lab, the reality is often different. When the AWAF module on your BIG-IP is enabled the real troughput depends on different factors (for example which features of AWAF are used, how many attack signature patterns  are checked for each request). Roughly speaking: the more checks the AWAF performs on each request, the less troughput is possible.
    Since the sizing of a WAF requires quite a lot of consultation, I would recommend you to reach out to your local F5 representatives to help you with this project.


  • Hi Ronenb , 
    There is no relation between throughput and AWAF license,  as throughput is a hardware parameter not an explanation of how F5 inspect http L7 traffic for AWAF.
    > I want to say throughput relies on i5600 hardware limits.

    > For more info about i5600 hardware Capabilites and throughput  , take a look in this Article:
    Also I would Like to inform you about expandtion from i5600 to i5800 , you can expand your license and take the advantages of i5800.