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Aug 21, 2021

Big-IP Edge client on arm-based Apple M1


I tried to use the client on arm-based Apple M1 device. It was on Parallels as a VM and windows 10 (arm-based) as host os. Since I was not able to find a native arm-based client version, it was run in an emulated mode in windows. It connected to the server, went through 2-form authentication, but in the final stage, it was not able to authenticate. It automatically tried to reinstall network adapter, but with no success. It just took me back to the login screen.


Was anyone able to run the client on arm-based windows?



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    Hello Dario, thank you for your answer.


    Will the versions you mention run on ARM-based Windows 10?


    The client that I was given by the company say (the one that does not work correctly):

    build version 7132,2016,926,2121

    api version 7132,2016,926,2121


    Is the first number the version you refer to?





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      Hello Rasto. I am stuck with the same problem. Your help will take me further.


      I am running windows 10 ARM version as a VM inside parallels. Host is MacOS M1.


      did u manage to get the edge-client working on the windows ARM version? please let me know.


      I HAVE to use windows arm as some company apps work only on windows so i need the vpn inside the vm.


      i am not sure if you will read this, but your help is much appreaciated

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        He Rasto, Sagartl,

        Did you ever get this to work with Windows ARM running inside Parallels?

        With the Big IP edge client no longer working on OSX 13.3, this is now crucial.