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Jun 10, 2015

Big-IP as NTP server



I wanted to know if anyone has experience using the Big-IP an NTP server. My idea is to create a VS whose IP will be the IP other machines in the network use as the NTP server, then have the pool members be the actual stratum2 NTP servers that we have access to.


Is this possible? I know that I can use the self-IPs as NTP servers, but it would be much easier for me if what I described above will work.




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  • what do you mean with "I know that I can use the self-IPs as NTP servers" ?


    you can load balance between NTP servers (pool members). So defining the VS as being your internal NTP server (from client perspective) and forwarding the ntp packets to pool members should work. But the BIGIP would only perform L4 traffic management here.