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Apr 11, 2014

BGP Route redistribution

Hi Guys,


I'm playing around with BGP between F5 and Cisco and RHI and I have a quick question regarding route-maps matching.


F5 config: router bgp 1000 bgp graceful-restart restart-time 120 redistribute kernel route-map F5-JUN neighbor remote-as 35000 neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound neighbor capability graceful-restart ! ip prefix-list PREFIX seq 5 permit ! route-map F5-JUN permit 10 match ip address prefix-list PREFIX


Cisco: router bgp 35000 bgp log-neighbor-changes neighbor remote-as 1000


Configuration is quite simple, my VIP address is My goal is to advertise /32s to cisco neighbor, without manipulating prefix-list every time there is new /32 from this subnet . When I'm using in the prefix list, VS route is not being advertised to neighbor, which shouldn't be an issue as prefix-list is configured to match first 3 octets. Is this expected behavior in F5? Then when I reconfigure prefix list to exactly match that VIP (ip prefix-list PREFIX seq 5 permit , route advertisement is working fine. I'm using BIG-IP v11.4.1HF3.


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  • I think that command matches only that specific route - you need to put a modifier on the end such as

    ip prefix-list PREFIX seq 5 permit le 32

    Maybe you can check whether this is possible