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Feb 18, 2021

Basic telnet and traceroute testing

This might actually be a nice article for someone to write but I have some issues with telnet and traceroute on the f5.


I am assuming its possible to use these features like i do on a cisco switch by being able to specify a source ip and interface to go out on etc.


Let say i have the below with all GWs on .1

interface A

vlan2, and vlan3


interface B

vlan 12, and vlan 13


interface C MGMT /24


how would i do a tracert from sources from each vlan using ip 10.x.x.6 as source (ie x being

how would i do a tracert from the mgmt ip


how would i do a telnet on port say 1111 from each vlan using ip 10.x.x.6 as source


Reason i ask is we have a vary complicated network with multiple vendors administering various parts and while its easy to do these tests using a router sometimes its a router I dont have access to and it takes ages to request a 3rd party to do a the work. These tests are pretty much a standard for changing various Firewall rules around the network.




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  • as traceroute is just a linux tool the documentation gives some options, like to select an interface or source IP adres



    same with telnet



    have you tried those?