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Nov 01, 2018

Bad User-Agent Header to be blocked via ASM

Hi All,


I saw some weird User-Agent on the payloads for requests coming in for one of our Virtual Server.


User-Agent: lge/judyln_lao_com/judyln:8.0.0/OPR1.170623.032/182571210dda2:user/release-keys


We have ASM module in place. Wondering how to block requests that have bad User Agent Header. I know there is a bunch of ways to do it, one is via Irule,and the others via ASM, I am not sure how to achieve it. Enabling Bot Protection might not take care of it, I believe. Could you please suggest the best approach to care of this.


Goal: To block User-Agents like the above one and other bad ones to be blocked.


Thanks in advance


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  • K31914583: Blocking HTTP requests with unwanted User-Agent header using an iRule


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      I need to block requests containing user agent Test Certificate Info


      While creating custom attack signature which option will work better from the attached snapshot.




      • I think it would be better to create appropriate Bot Signature (related to Bot Profile) and not Attack Signature (related to ASM policy), because in Bot Signature we have rule like "User Agent Contains ..."

        In case of Attack Signature - IMO, "Header" matched element is preferred, but also you can make it more detailed by using regex or string with "Request Content" matched element, like "User-Agent: *Test Certificate Info*" or "User-Agent: Test Certificate Info"


        Thanks, Ivan