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May 20, 2011

auto last hop

Hello all,



Does auto last hop apply to the MGMT interface also? For my management interface I have not set any default gateway. But I am still able to connect (SSH) to the LTM through my management interface remotely (from a different subnet). So was wondering if auto last hop applies to management interface too? There are no default route's set on the LTM.



I am running TMOS version 10.2.1







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  • Auto lasthop shouldn't have any impact on mgmt interface connections. Are you sure you don't have a mgmt interface route (b mgmt route list)?



  • Just found this "A response to a request originated by a remote host is returned to the last MAC address traversed by the inbound request." in sol13284 for v11, it probably applies to v10 too. Very interesting.
  • I realise this is a very old question, but for the sake of completeness, yes, the auto-last-hop applies to the management interface also, as we load a linux kernel module to handle this logic.