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Dec 15, 2010

Attempting to Set WideIP Ratio




Got a query on attempting to set the ratio for the Wide IP in our F5 GTM setup. Using the Perl script on F5 examples I am able to change the pool member ratio with the GlobalLB.PoolMember set ratio method, however as far as I can see there is no corrolating option in the API for the GlobalLB.WideIP.



Am I going about this the wrong way, any ideas would be appreciated!








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  • Hi, I think you're looking in the wrong place. There is a get_ratio[] and set_ratio[] function in GlobalLB.PoolMember. It may not be intuitive, but it makes some sense since the ratio value is a property of the pool member, not the WIP.



  • that I re-read this, obviously you already know about the set_ratio[] method for PoolMember. But that leaves me unclear about what property you are trying to set on the WIP. You can set the load balancing method to Ratio at the WIP, which then uses the ratio values set on the pool members. Sorry about my initial response - can you clarify what option you are looking for?
  • The LB_METHOD_RATIO attribute is defined in the GlobalLB.WideIP wsdl:

  • No worries. As for all viewers, with LTM, lb_method is only a pool level attribute. In GTM, you can establish an lb_method at the pool level and then also at the wideIP level. So you may want to be evenly distributed within a datacenter but send 80% of your traffic to one datacenter over another because of capacity or cost. Having the two levels adds greater flexibility in your global lb solution.