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Apr 11, 2012

Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapper - impact of SNMP polling

I was wondering if anyone has experience allowing the Discovery and Dependency Mapper application from BMC Software? I am being asked to allow this application to pool my LTMs, and I am concerned about it's SNMP polling impact on traffic processing. I know the TMM has had some SNMP memory leaks, and the polling definitely has an impact on CPU usage which I can see in the Performance graph.



We have an app rep onsite who can't give me a good answer about what OIDs they plan to scan. He claims they are only going to scan basic l2/l3 info and not any TMM information, but I am not confident he fully understands how the app will interact with the LTM. He certainly doesn't give me the impression that he fully understands the function of an LTM in application delivery.



Anyone have experience with this Atrium app?


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  • Hi SMP,



    I don't, but I'd suggest testing against a non-production unit with a similar config as a production unit without any traffic. This should give you a good idea of the load that the polling will add.