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Apr 03, 2012

ASM Top Requested URLs latency stored

Where is the ASM Top Requested URLs latency stored in the system? Wich file and folder is it stored?



I tried to check the asm file at var/log, but it doesn't have what i'm looking for..






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  • Hi Thales,



    The ASM report data is stored in the internal MySQL database. It's not supported to directly access it, but you technically can:



    SOL6979 - Managing the MySQL database password for the BIG-IP ASM




  • Thanks Aaron.



    I have all those databases:


    DCC |


    -> | PLC |


    -> | PRX |


    -> | WIZ |


    -> | lost+found |


    -> | mysql |


    -> | test



    Do you have any idea where this information is stored?