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Oct 29, 2021

asm policy learning

Hi ,

I have a ASM policy - it has been in transparent mode for a while and has learnt signatures


" src http: (Header) 200101559 Staging


how do a delete all the learning and start over again - meaning delete all the signature suggestions and start over



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  • Create the fresh WAF/ASM policy and attach to VIP. Quick & easy way to solve it

  • meaning there is no way of resetting the suggested signatures ?

  • Hi MAbbas,


    While in manual learning mode, you should be able to select all learning suggestions and click "Delete Suggestions". This will delete the learning suggestions and enalbe the learning proces to start over again. Don't choose "Ignore Suggestions", because the suggestions will not learn again.


    When in Automatic learning mode, you should indeed create a new policy to start over...


    This link is really stong documentation in my opinion:


    Hope this helps!

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      thanks for the response - i am attaching an image - how do a delete these signatures that are in staging

  • Hi MAbbas,

    Well, I'm not sure you are able to delete these signatures, because they are part of the Generic Detection Signatures Set. However you should be free to disable these signatures by checking the box and take them from Staging status into Enforced or choose "No" at the "Enabled" box.

    Or maybe I don't understand the question well.😀 Trying to help though!