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Nov 24, 2011

ASM Load Balancing



when i created Virtual server & pool on ASM i found that i can access pool member using Virtual server IP


Does this mean that ASM can provide Load balancing the same as LTM ?


Also i didnot attache any Security Class to the Virtual server , deos this mean that i can bypass all security checks using this above method ( VS & Pools ) without attaching Security class to VS ?




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    Have you got a standalone ASM? If so then as I understand you're limited to 1 pool member / ip address, rather than true load-balancing.



    You need to create / configure a http class which references a web application / ASM security policy - you then need to apply this to a Virtual Server to ensure traffic is matched to the class and, hence, whether it needs to go through the ASM security policy.



    Hope this helps.



  • Thnks Alo Nathan , Yes you were right , when i treid to add 2 Members at the pool i got an error " Load balancing Feature is not Licensed "