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Jun 28, 2018

ASM Application Security PolicyManual Configuration (Advanced)



In (I am not sure if it was the same in 13.1.4 but for sure not like that in 12.1.x) when security policy is applied via Security tab of VS configuration pop up allowing to disable or change policy is gone. Instead entry like that is presented:


Application Security PolicyManual Configuration (Advanced)


Why so? Is that some kind of weird improvement? With this change management becomes quite complicated:


  • There is no way to figure out which policy is attached to VS (except checking Resources > Policies section of VS)
  • There is no easy way to change or disable security policy (again Resources > Policies and detach Local traffic Policy pointing to security policy)

What is reason for this change, I can't see any benefits.




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  • Are you seeing that with admin account?


    I still have the option in, and I don't think they would make a change like that in a point release.


  • Horrible !! If i get some resolutin or work around i'll post it

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    As per my understanding this will happen when there is more than one policy in the resources tab

  • Hello Piotr,


    "Application Security PolicyManual Configuration (Advanced)" message should be shown for VS only in case of you assign some predefined L7 policy with ASM in Resource tab.

    Could you remove all policies from Resource tab and then assign new policy from Security tab only?


    Thanks, Ivan