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Mar 07, 2021

Applicaton security logs stopped

There is no logs received from ASM, how to solve it ? And how to check the utilization?
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    Mar 08, 2021

    You can't view /var/log/ts/pabnagd.log?

    Is it a permission issue, no bash access? Or you did not know where the file is located?


    Did you check that your BIG-IP version is matching the versions listed in "Applies to (see versions):" in K93091504?


    Also yesterday you mentioned that "mysql -uasm -p`perl -MF5::Cfg -e 'print F5::Cfg::get_mysql_password()'` -e "select COUNT(*) from PRX.REQUEST_LOG"" returned a count of 0. Did you recently update the box? Even in my lab machines I have a count of >1000.