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Jun 20, 2022

app is getting redirected with reset over APM while it is working fine inside network


i added one application to portal access, this application has internal VIP on local LTM, so it's working perfect, but when we tried to access over APM it will give you only login page after that when you click login it will fail due to CORS redirection issue,

our APM in DMZ, and that application in private cloud over WAN, so i make local VIP for that application in DC zone , like an intermediate zone between DMZ and cloud,

i see in pcap the APM trying to communicate with backend server directly when you are trying to access any resources inside that application after login page appears,


is there any iRule to force the APM to communicate with the local VIP every time of connections , or any other iRule to prevent redirection with FQDN for that application,

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