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Apr 13, 2011

APM/XenApp - Multiple Web Interface Virtual Directories

Hi Everyone,



I have been using the following guides:




- Deploying the BigIP LTM with Citrix XenApp


- Deploying the Big-IP APM v10.2.1 with Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop




I have run through the configuration which seems relatively clear. The new version 10.2.1 makes it a breeze (or should make it a breeze!)




The client is running multiple websites on the single web interface server, so to get to one, you need to reference the appropriate uri.




I have hit a brick wall, as with the default configuration from the guides above, the user is plonked into the root of the Citrix Web Interface Server, which is the IIS 7.0 welcome page, because there is no way within APM to push out to a specific virtual directory.




I have attempted a redirect irule that redirects connections that have no uri onto the appropriate citrix uri, but this seems to break the citrix implementation through APM.




The F5 troubleshooting section of the guide covers this, but the solution is to set a default website on the IIS 7.0 box, which does not suit since they have multiple directories.




Also they are running the virtual server on the LTM on a non-standard port, and when the client gets to the silentdectection page, it plonks them back onto port 80 and 404's.




Does anyone have any experience with this?








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