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Jun 22, 2011

APM WebTop Implementation

I want to implement a scenario with APM Webtop functionality:



1. The user first input his username/pw in the web logon page.


2. After the successful authentification, he will see one icon(in the future, there will be two) in the next page. The icon will direct the user to a internal web application website.


3. The user selects the icon to go to the specific website to use that internal web application.



I just know the the above scenario can be implemented with webtop in the APM. However, i just got a doc named "APM_Dynamic_WebTop.pdf" but it seems not to have documented the detailed overall process.



From the doc, i know that i need to configure one web application object and one webtop object, as well as the access policy and etc. The virtual server seems to be needed as well.



1- Need i still configure the pools and put the web application server( in that pool as the node? And associate that pool with virtual server?



2 - I configure the webtop object "Configuration->Web Application start URI" as "", which is the internal web application website address. Is that right?



3 - In the web application object configuration, I configure the "Resource Iterms ->Destination ->IP Address" as "". Is that right?





The current status is that after i was authentificated successfully from the logon page, the next page can not open...



Can somebody point to the detailed configuration process or correct my configuration?



Thanks in advance!


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  • Did you ever get a solution to this?



    I am looking to do the same and have not found anything?


    We created a pool and virtual server for one of our internal sites, but when users and myself try the link, it is very slow.



    Can you post if your solution is any better?



  • Hi Guys,


    It seems that you want to use a load-balanced web site which is published by your BIG-IP. So here are steps needed to configure it :


    1. Configure your LTM Pool
    2. Configure your Virtual Server
    3. Configure a Webtop "Portal Access" type
    4. As link type choose "Application URI" and type your LTM virtual server URI just below in "Portal Access Start URI"
    5. The last thing you have to do is to publish this webtop in your VPE (Visual Policy Editor)

    The result will be once your customer is connected to your APM, he'll be redirected to your LTM virtual server.


  • how do you choose Application URI? Which version is this? FOr my setup it says Type: Portal Access


  • You have to use Portal Access Webtop, you're right. And when you choose this type, it should ask which URI you want to publish.


    Which version are you running on ?


  • Guys,


    What is for you a Internal Web Application. Is it a a server in back end ??


    If yes,


    1. create a VS in Local Trafic with HTTP profile and rewrite profile.
    2. Create a APM policy
    3. Create a portal Access. In this portal access, specify the Application URI --> your back end server
    4. Create a Full Webtop
    5. In your VPE (APM Policy), add a advanced ressource assign with your Webtop and Portal Access.

    That's it.


  • make sure you get the terms straight, "Portal Access" is a new term in v11, some users are on v10 which would be "Web Application Access"


  • might have been wiser to make a new topic for this question then to drag up an old one.


    anyway; if you create a webtop you have to create an access profile in which you use an resource assignment to connect the webtop to the access profile. that access profile should be attached to a virtual server.


    this shows pretty much all of it, but a lot of extra stuff also: