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Aug 28, 2021

APM variable assignment



I am using client certificate crldp to authorise people.

What I want to do is extract the email from the subject and assign it to



This is what I have come up with - with some googling. not sure if its the best approach


expr { [lindex [regexp -inline {emailAddress=([^, \\\r]*)} [mcget session.ssl.cert.subject]] 1] }



I think if I could use findstr or substr it would be better but I can't seem to call those functions - looks like they are irule and not tcl.


I'm guessing - i found string trim, i could use that but I couldn't get it to work I think because the 2nd arg is char not string !


so then i found string range


so maybe

string range [mcget session.ssl.cert.subject] <> end


not sure what to put in <> to find the position of the string


again back to string trim

has an example that makes it look like the second parameter takes a string.








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