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Jan 27, 2011

APM SSO acrossed multiple domains.

Hi all, I have been told this is possible but, am not sure just how ad I cant get any info on it elsewhere. Is there any way I can have an SSO profile work across multiple domains. I have an few apps that sits on one VS but has 7 different DNS names. Each is secured with basic auth but, when the user passes from one domain to another they have to re-authenticate. Thoughts on how to make this SSO work for all 7 domains?





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  • Found what I needed here





    Thanks to F5 support!
  • Hi there,


    I just read the "Share access Cookies" and this looks awesome.


    I would like to combine it with a openSSO/openAM Server in the back, to enable session awarness between two LTM/APM clusters and authorization rules applied in openAM.


    I also found the iRule which lets the LTM act as openSSO / openAM Agent



    Did someone tried to add a openSSO/openAM server as AAA server (type HTTP?) in the access policy?