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Feb 15, 2021

APM set x-forward-for ip as perflow.client.ip.address


i need to set the x-forwrd-for ip as perflow.client.ip.address value.

i have enabled accept x-forward for in http profile, but still perflow.client.ip.address get the actual client ip.


how can i achieve this.


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  • Hi,

    how about using an Access Policy Agent event for per-request policy in an iRule. Here is an example iRule.

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
        if { [HTTP::header values "X-Forwarded-For"] ne "" } {
            log local0. "X-Forwarded-For: [HTTP::header X-Forwarded-For]"
            set clientip [getfield [HTTP::header X-Forwarded-For] "," 1]
        if { [ACCESS::perflow get perflow.irule_agent_id] eq "EVENT_NAME" } {
            ACCESS::perflow set perflow.custom $clientip  

    This will check if the header is set and if it exists it will write the IP to a variable and also will log it to /var/log/ltm.

    Then, once matching an Access Policy Agent event for per-request policies (in this example the event is called EVENT_NAME) it will reuse this variable and write to IP the to perflow.custom variable. This perflow variable you could use as a gating category.