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Mar 28, 2020

Apm session variables



I'm trying to create a new "Network Access" type APM policy to connect people to office network. So far, policy built and working. But, (always there is a "but") the firewall (Palo Alto) between F5 and office networks requires to see username and assigned ip address in a syslog message. If firewall get those informations sucessfully, it allows user's packets to pass-thru. While testing my policy, i saw that after APM policy complete, "session.assigned.clientip" variable is not populated yet. According to log messages it takes 3 or 5 secs more which is right after the "ACCESS_POLICY_COMPLETE" event done. Apm drops a single line log message which contains the ip address (given by APM) and session id informations after the policy execution done.


So far, i added a while loop which contains "after 1000" statements to extends time to 10 secs more. Clearly this doesn't help beacause of the delays added to event also added to whole policy.


Also, the amount of the users is about 500 and i do not want to use any static ip reservation methods for this.


  • What is the best way get that ip address information before APM policy complete ?


  • Is there a way to get log message and execute some logic/code on it ?