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Dec 09, 2014

APM: Radius Authentication New Pin Prompt

I recently setup a new access policy that authenticates via Radius to a ACS server that in return does two factor authentication with SecureID.


The issue that I'm seeing is when you provide a new user with a new SecureID token the first time they login they are asked to set a pin. What happens on the login page in APM is once the user enters there username and token without pin, they get presented a blank text input and submit button without any indication what to enter in the field. This is the input to set a new pin, then you will get two more after this verify pin and then newpin with token number. All of these prompts functionally work and will set a pin and successfully login in a user. However I can not present this to the user without some sort of indication to the user as to what to enter. Such as "Enter New Pin" "Re-enter New Pin" "New Pin + Next Token".


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.