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Apr 04, 2018

APM Portal App Tunnel Plugins Buggy

Hello - I am currently running APM v12.1.2. My experience with the App Tunnel Plugins is that it rarely works and is buggy in most browsers. I was informed about a year ago that this was going to be resolved in APM v13. Has anyone used the App Tunnel on APM v13? Have you ran into any issues with the App Tunnels working in different browsers?


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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  • Hello


    If you upgrade to v13 you will get the compatibility with most of broswers. F5 work now with an helper application instead of a plugin to execute APM actions on client-side.


    I moved from v11 to v13.1 to get this compatibility. I propose now tunnelApp access instead of VPN-SSL when it's possible for partners working on windows with FF, IE, Edge or Chrome, they are satisfied.