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Mar 15, 2019

[APM] OIDC Session Management



I'm trying to configure BIGIP as OpenID Connect Provider with APM v14.1.


Authentication works well but I wonder if v14.1 is implementing OIDC Session Management too.


I cannot find any end_session_endpoint or check_session_iframe endpoints in my .well-known/openid-configuration json file.


Maybe there is some feature to activate but I can't find it. Or maybe is it planned for v15?


If not, it's not possible to provide SSO/SLO, am I right?



Then , I wonder if it's possible to provide Dynamic Client Registration ? I can't find any register endpoint as well.


Thank you for your help!






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  • I have the same problem with APM v17.1 I cannot find any end_session_endpoint in my .well-known/openid-configuration json file. Please advise how to implement RP-Initiated Logout.

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