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Jan 06, 2021

APM 2FA and SSO For on-prem GitHub Failing.

I am trying to do SSO + 2FA using duo auth for our on-prem GitHub server.


The 2FA part works great but SSO fails.


I am using AD for authentication and the GitHub login will use the same login so I just have to resubmit the same login details to the application using SSO.

Initially, I thought forms-based would just do it but it keeps failing.


There are some questions about the URI config.


From chrome dev tools I see that the referer is hostname/login. Is this what I should use in the forms SSO config?


The URI in the address bar shows as /session when submitting the login details with the submit button.




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  • Hello, you should use whatever URI has the login page. Also if you go into the APM log settings you can set SSO to debug (or in the Forms Client Initiated configuration) and get info on why it might be failing.