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Oct 20, 2014

APM 11.5.1 : Webtop customization.



I am running APM 11.5.1, and am able to fully customize the access policy logon page with custom CSS, PHP, Js.. the works.


But how do I customize the actual webtop ?


The only resoureces shown in the advanced edit mode are :, and Tried updating each of these but no change on the webtop.


Tried searching the contents of the webtop page which comes back and some of the content is present in /var/sam/www/php_include/webtop/renderer/webtop_full/full/windows/


Is there a way I can copy this file in a different folder specific to my APM policy and customize the webtop.


Seems like this is missing customization functionality ??


Also do you have any general advice on what PHP code I should be keeping as-is ?




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  • You should be able to do this in the apm_full.css. We have things aligned vertically on our current Firepass but APM likes to do them horizontally. That is where I fixed that. I imagine it is below line 1000 somewhere in the code. We like the icons as it helps depict different resources.


    I found that IE 10's developer mode to be very helpful in identifying things to edit. It is easier to use than Chrome.


  • We've done minor modification to the and while the changes we did we needed to make the webtop easier to use, i'm not sure it was worth the hassle.


    changing that file means every time you install a hotfix/update to the F5's, you need to replace that file with your customisations, and if F5 update the original file, then you will have to incorporate that with yours (same with the advanced customisation, we had customisations from an earlier code base and when we went to implement a checkbox from 11.5 code to the logon page from 11.2, everything broke pretty badly).


    As far as the PHP code goes, i'd try to keep as much of it as possible, there are a lot of tie ins between the APM pages and APM itself that may cause issues if you remove the code.


  • Update:


    We ended up being able to do it with the customization without touching the but it is a little tricky.


    You introduce an open


    tag in the header and keep it open.


    You can then close this DIV right at the end of the webtop allowing you full control of the look and feel.


    1 thing which still needs an update is the title. It always shows up as "F5 Dynamic Webtop" which we ended up updating the :-(



  • Hello all


    I had the same question, here is the response from f5 support:


    The issue you reported is filed as RFE's (Request For Enhancments) 431764 and 416156. The item is not translated/localized. You are not able to modify it via web UI at this moment. The status is still new and we don't have a target yet.


    The title is stored in the following file. Currently it's a global variable, so it affects all webtops and all languages. Upgrading TMOS will lose the information, and technically not supported.


    egrep title /var/sam/www/php_include/webtop/renderer/webtop_full/full/windows/ F5 Dynamic Webtop


  • Hi Amit


    Would you mind detailing where in the APM configuration you applied the javascript code document.title = "whatever title you want";


    Thanks in advance


  • Hi Jaddie,


    You can do it in any javascript code. The one which best worked for us if the at the policy level. This way all policy evaluation pages show the title.


    To customize, you will have to goto Customization->Advanced. Then open Advanced edit mode. For the APM policy in question, edit the Common-> file and add the following javascript snippet at the end of the file