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May 03, 2011

Anyone run into a bug with "persist none" in 10.2?

I have a virtual server with:


-HTTP Cookie Insert Persistence Profile w/ custom Cookie name specified in the profile


-uri matching irule


-iRule explicitly does not persist when there is a class match, and sends it to another pool, if no match it should take the default action of the VS, insert a cookie and LB to the default pool.



Even though I have the "persist none" in, I'm still seeing it set a cookie with a value of the pool member in "not_my_default_pool"



I do have a case open, but I was wondering if anyone has seen a similar issue with 10.2, Hotfix 2.






rule myrule_443 { 
   when HTTP_REQUEST { set uri [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] 
   log local0.notice "Incoming Request uri: $uri" 
   if { [class match [HTTP::uri] starts_with myclass_443] } { 
log local0.notice "Match" 
   persist none 
   pool not_my_default_pool

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  • That's an interesting problem.



    The "persist none" is supposed to disable persistence when called, but it does not delete the Cookie so it should (in theory) not be used and just expire after the default cookie expiration, so how long do you see the cookie and are you being tied to the server specified in the cookie?
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    Michael makes a good point. The persist none command is intended to stop the persistence behavior, it's possible the cookie may still get inserted I suppose, I'd have to test this.



    Can you verify that the persistence is still being enforced?



  • Figured out what was going here guys.. The iRrule and VS is functioning as intended.. There was a typo in the implimentors script and it assigned the wrong default pool to the VS.. Problem should be fixed once we get the fix into prod..
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    Well there you go, that would do it. Nice find, and thanks for the update.