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My current project is a notification subsystem for the next release of BIG-IP. Think of it like a SNMP trap but using web services as the notification method. In a typical management system the client managing the device has the burdon of determining when state or configuration changes. This is usually done by polling the device and checking for differences in the current configuration with a local copy that was retrieved earlier. Needless to say, this causes extra processing on the client and the server that can be avoided if the server tells the client when things changed. In v9.0 we are going to have such a system where an iControl client can configure a subscription to a selection of system events and be notified at a web service endpoint that they develop that adheres to our published notification interface. I'd be interested if anyone would use this type of feature and, if so, what would be your requirements? There's still some time to get features into the v9.0 code if anything new and inspiring shouts out. Reply to this message with anything you have to add. -Joe
Published Apr 22, 2004
Version 1.0

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