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Aug 30, 2021

Anyone have experience configuring Split DNS?

We have situation where the BIND stores internal and external records on 2 different views.

We are having problem migrating that domain on the F5 because apparently 2 views isn't working on the F5 when DNS express is activated, the BIND also works when DNS express is activated. By the way all records have the same name but different IP (external and internal), the F5 has a public IP for external users and private IP for internal users


If anyone has pointers on how to do this or any approach would be highly appreciated

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  • I'm not sure about best practice, but one of the way could be to create 2 diffrent pools (external and internal) and use iRule at WideIP level to send to external vs internal pool based on source IP (e.g LDNS or clientIP)

  • Hello, thank you for taking time to answer.


    When you say 2 different pools, I will make a WideIP and use the F5 listener IP as the pool members?



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      No. 2 pools, where for external pool it will have external IP of A record and internal pool would have internal IP.

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        Ohh okay, so each records have one wide IP. that's too much work damn. so we need to create a virtual server for each IP address? We dont actually have F5s for the servers. they are stand alone servers and we use the F5 GTM as authoritative DNS.