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Nov 22, 2011

Alter username before Radius auth

Hi all,



Using APM, I would like to append a realm to a username before sending to Radius for authentication.



So, the user would login with 'bob' and the Radius server would get, for example,



I've tried adding a variable assign between the logon page and the auth server. Using session.logon.last.username doesn't work.



I can obviously do this with an iRule by modifying the payload, but wondering if there's anything simpler?



Thanks much in advance,






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  • Mark,



    I was poking around seeing if I could find an option to set a default auth domain. Nothing as of yet. It seems like in this case, an iRule might be the best (possibly currently only) option. I am going to keep searching to see if there is an option I'm missing.



    (side note: good idea!)





  • I am trying to do somehting similar.


    I want to change to domain\user



    Looking for REGEX syntax assistance with my APM policy.



    Something like:


    session.user = expr { [regsub\(.*\)@\(.*\)/\2\\\1} [mcget {session.logon.last.username}] ""] }