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Aug 30, 2011

Agile PLM (v9.3) std. report functions (change metrics report avg.)

Hello, Does anyone use Agile reports or know how to create their own std. reports? The current preset report's outcome seems to be incorrect.


Report: Change Metrics Report.


Result: The average is identical to the total changes.


I have tried to manipulate the report in the possible ways allowed, but the result is not changed nor corrected. Does anyone know?



Thank you in advance!



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  • Hi, I using PLM Flex apps by Xavor for all agile reports and requests and this company supports agile PLM for mobile .These apps decrease the change approval cycle time, user cost for support & training and sweep for errors before they show up. Visit and this video.



    I am sure that helps. I myself have experienced this product and it really good.