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Apr 06, 2012

Advanced Routing Module & Route Domains Question

We're working in a multi-tenant environment. My research has left a few questions about ARM and route domains. Specifically, using the ARM module, can we route traffic to specific subnets within differing route domains and partitions?



Our scenario is as follows.




Separate customers in partitions with route domains for each customer so they can re-use RFC1918 space.




Empty Route domain 0 ( since everyone has access to it and we can not currently change that from being the default route domain for every partition. )




Create Route domain 1 which would ideally have an IP as a routing point for our different subnets. This would keep our switch to Bigip client side trunk to only a single Vlan.




Have ARM handle routing from our client trunk side into the multiple route domains as needed ( granted that there will not be duplicate routable IPs between any customers )






Our goal: Not require trunking multiple VLANs from the client side switches to the Bigip. Instead have 1 Vlan connected on the client side with the other hundreds to thousands of vlans being used only on server side. This will push the routing to IPs down to the Bigip and keep it in the load balancing provisioning side instead of having to involve multiple groups for operational deployments.




Yes, I understand that we could just route each individual IP to specific VLANs from the client side switch and not lose/gain any VLAN capacity. But our goal is to minimize the of groups or touch points when provisioning new customers with public and private IP needs.






Thanks in advance for any assistance.












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