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Jan 12, 2021

Adobe Flash End Of Life Date

Hii everyone,


I want to ask about Adobe Flash that EOL. I didn't know how to run statistic dasboard in F5 https://192.168.x.x/tmui/dashboard/F5Dashboard.html#.


Any solution for this case about Flast That EOL after December 2020 ?


Thanks so much.

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      Hii, Lidev


      Yeah, the EOL support of adobe flash make the dashboard that using flash cannot be access in version OS under 14.x. Its so make trouble because our clients want to views the dashboard like graphic satistic pool members.


      There is no other way besides to upgrade os to the version 14.x and later. So sadness.

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        Hey Satrialji, it's been a while ! Indeed, you need to upgrade.

        Please mark my answer or yours as "Select as Best" in order to pass your post as resolved and help other people to find it ;-) Thanks