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May 31, 2023

Address list in Virtual server


i have a 20+ virtual servers configured with 80percent of them is used for 443 service and others for 22 and other custom ports/service.

I want to know how i can use the Address list in virtual server to optimize the operational tasks like manageing ssl client certificates etc. however, at the same time since some VS uses policies and other custom settings is it possible to make use of one virtual server with address range for 443 services and reduce the numbers of VS's, same for other services.

Also want to know if we adopt this apporach what are the challenges from Tshoot perspective one can face.

Please guide.

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  • Hi shaikhzaid , 

    please Review this Article about address lists with Virtual servers :

    I think it will not that hard in troubleshooting if you use it , but you should care about pool/pool members which this list of virtual servers forward traffic to , I mean you have to make sure your traffic flow for each virtual server ip in the address list.

    But this is a good customization , it's good to test it first.

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      Mohamed_Ahmed_Kansoh Thanks for the response.

      I have gone through the document and seems to be simple. I will apply it in our developement F5 node first.

      Also the policies and profiles specific to each VS, need to have a separate VS.


      • Hi shaikhzaid , 

        If you want to customize any profile you have to create a separte virtual server and add this customized profile to it. 
        Let me explain more. 

        If you have 100 Virtual servers have the same characteristics and properities you can rely on Address list , 
        But If you have 100 Virtual servers but with different characteristics and properities such as adding X-Forwarded-For or raising idle timeout values in TCP and ...etc of customizations you have to add them separetly.