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Apr 09, 2022

Adding Viprion Blade Management Address in Production

Hi every one.

I have 2 Viprion with 2 blade cluster identic on each viprion.

i have situation were when i create a new vcmp guest on Viprion02 and assign an ip address, that ip address is unreachable from the network (all other vcmp guest is reachable).

When i checked on the bash linux for the mgmt address, there is no ip address were on the system-platform i can see the same ip address for the management.


But this issue is not happen on Viprion01.

I take a look for the viprion02 cluster blade. Only cluster IP is configured and No blade management ip is configured.

Not like in Viprion01, All blade have its own management IP.


I would like to add management ip address on Viprion02 blade.

1. Will there is an impact on the production?


I have tried read about the viprion and assume it should not give any impact due to management ip is distinct with management blackplane were used for blade inter communication, traffic handling, and sync.

VIPRION inter-blade administrative traffic
The VIPRION system is comprised of a cluster of blades that work together to process network traffic.
Each blade in a VIPRION system communicates by sending inter-blade administrative traffic over the management backplane.
The blades are connected to the management backplane by the mgmt_bp interface, meaning the management backplane is distinct from both the data backplane and the management interface.

The clusterd process controls the clustering technology for the VIPRION chassis.
The clusterd process sends one multicast packet per second over the management backplane.


You must have management access to each blade for blade-specific administrative activities and to configure a full high-availability (HA) mesh within an HA pair of VIPRION chassis.
Assign a management IP address to every slot.



2. Which HA is that doc talking about? Blade HA is active active right?

And Guest HA using its own management IP, not the blade management address.



Thank You

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