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Dec 16, 2010

Adding Pool Members With Explicit Monitor "None"

I am developing Perl automation in iControl 10.2.0 to clone a pool. The creation process seems to work fine, but I'm getting hung up on copying the monitor properties to the members in the new pool. I can successfully configure the new pool with its members inheriting their monitor from the pool. And despite the fact that there seems to be no way to differentiate between members who are inheriting versus members with an explicit monitor, I have successfully worked my way through that too by comparing the two associations.

However, there are cases where the member monitor is explicitly set to None, and I am having difficulty figuring out how to copy that configuration to a member in another pool. I can pull the 'MONITOR_RULE_TYPE_NONE' type from the MemberMonitorAssocation of the source pool just fine, but the documentation says you can't apply a MemberMonitorAssocation with this MonitorRuleType which I have confirmed through testing.

How can I configure a Pool Member with the Health Monitor explicitly set to "None"?

For example, here is a sample MonitorAssociation I would like to apply to a pool. The "" MonitorAssociation is applied explicitly to member [0], and member [1] has its MonitorAssocation explicitly set to "None":

0  ARRAY(0x8fd55c8)
   0  LocalLB:: PoolMember::MemberMonitorAssociation=HASH(0x8fc7358)
      'member' => LocalLB::MonitorIPPort=HASH(0x9039554)
         'address_type' => 'ATYPE_EXPLICIT_ADDRESS_EXPLICIT_PORT'
         'ipport' => Common::IPPortDefinition=HASH(0x9039788)
            'address' => ''
            'port' => 8032
      'monitor_rule' => LocalLB::MonitorRule=HASH(0x90396f8)
         'monitor_templates' => ARRAY(0x9089718)
            0  ''
         'quorum' => 0
         'type' => 'MONITOR_RULE_TYPE_SINGLE'
   1  LocalLB:: PoolMember::MemberMonitorAssociation=HASH(0x9039488)
      'member' => LocalLB::MonitorIPPort=HASH(0x90397dc)
         'address_type' => 'ATYPE_EXPLICIT_ADDRESS_EXPLICIT_PORT'
         'ipport' => Common::IPPortDefinition=HASH(0x908a440)
            'address' => ''
            'port' => 8035
      'monitor_rule' => LocalLB::MonitorRule=HASH(0x908973c)
         'monitor_templates' => ARRAY(0x908a644)
              empty array
         'quorum' => 0
         'type' => 'MONITOR_RULE_TYPE_NONE'
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