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Mar 26, 2019

Adding Cron Jobs to the F5 - Is it OK? or should it be avoided?

Hi All,


I have created a backup script that would reside on the F5 device, copy all ASM policies to XML and then push them to a remote fileshare. I have planned to have this script run via a cron job on the F5 once per month.


When attempting to get approval from the business to implement this on the production devices, concern was raised around setting a cron job on the F5s. I personally did not feel that this would be an issue. Can anyone shed some light on this issue? Are others setting Cron jobs on the F5 or avoiding doing so for any reason in particular. If I want to schedule a script to run every month, is there a better alternative that I could use on the F5?


Thank you.


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  • One drawback to using Cron jobs is that the crontab settings are not preserved after upgrades, i.e. Crontab settings are not copied to the new active partition. After upgrades Cron tab entries must be configured manually.