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Nov 29, 2010

Add http header of Server IP address?




We are on version 9.4.8 of BigIP. We use a device called Truesight to monitor the user experience of our traffic. We recently moved the Truesight device to in front of the F5 so we could capture SSL Latency. However, in doing this we lost the ability to see which application server the user was on when we review a particular session. Instead, Truesight only shows the VIP of the pool for that website. To fix this, the vendor of Truesight tells us that we can inject an http header of the server IP address via the BigIP. According to F5 support, this can be done, but I needed to ask how to do it in the forums. We have about 12 pools each with 14 servers in the pool. We need to have an IRule that will inject a header into the traffic showing the IP address of the pool member that the user was put on. How can this be done?



Thanks for the help.


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