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Jul 02, 2020

Add FQDN Node to a Pool with autopopulate enable

Hey Team,


I encountered some issues on the cluster of the LB if I add FQDN Nodes to the pool.


As per F5 support we have to add the nodes to the pool with the Auto Populate Enable since that can cause problems.


I am trying to find a way when we add the nodes with that feature on however i am not able to find it


This is my code

   def add_node_to_pool(self, node_name, pool_name, port_number):

        # method to add node to the pool created

        my_pool_add =

        my_pool_add.members_s.members.create(partition='Common', name=node_name + ':' + port_number)


        print('Node ' + node_name + ' added to pool ' + pool_name)


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  • I was able to figure it out


    This is the code to add nodes with autopopulate for FQDN

  'Common',name=deviceinfo[0], fqdn={"name":deviceinfo[0],"autopopulate":"enabled"}, description='Added With Script')       


    my_pool_add =

            my_pool_add.members_s.members.create(partition='Common', name=node_name + ':' + port_number,fqdn={"autopopulate":"enabled"})