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Sep 11, 2023

active directory with call CN or OU f5 login authentication

Hi expert 

i want to ask how to configure call CN or OU active directory authentication on f5

Group Name Line Order Attribute String     
PJKD               1000           memberOF=CN=xxxx ,OU=Group,DC=int,DC=pk,DC=go,DC=id Administrator All Enabled

i dont have clue to configure this 


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      yes, i have configure active directory and work well on the remote directory tree when i configured on domain the user not found and when i change to lower level domain the user able to access f5, and on log i found tty unknown that mean the user directory not found

      • Hi,

        So could i ask what you are trying to achieve?
        Is this part of a APM policy? or are you trying to setup log into the f5 using ad/ldap external auth?

        My first guess is the Attribute String you have told the f5 to query is lower than the user you are looking for. But i could be wrong! and a little context would be helpful.

  • OK, you can check and debug a user's LDAP access using the ldapsearch command.
    if you don't have any more F5 configuration problem, don't hesitate to put the post in solved.