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Oct 09, 2021

Accessing the web interface on Hyper-V (trial edition)

I have 16.1 which I installed in Windows 10 Pro Hyper-V. I can use Putty from the Windows 10 host to SSH to the management IP, so that's good.


However, I cannot hit that IP with a web browser. I did a netstat -an, and a few other commands I found online and nothing is listening on port 443.


Is there a command to enable the web GUI?


(I'm using DHCP, might that be a problem for me to just horse around with LTE?)

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    Which states:


    When BIG-IP VE first boots, it determines the number of active NICs. If BIG-IP VE detects one NIC, then:


    The port for the Configuration utility is moved from 443 to 8443.



    Now to try to login...