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Dec 01, 2022

About script

Hello, I want to make a script that sends alerts to /var/log/ltm every minute when the pool is not up. Here is the script I designed:     modify script pool_script { app-service none de...
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    Dec 01, 2022

    Hi MIchaelyang,

    check the iCall script below to get a picture how to LTM configs could be enumerated with foreach loops.  No need to [exec] native BASH commands... 😉


    sys icall handler periodic check_pool_state {
        interval 120
        script check_pool_state
    sys icall script check_pool_state {
       app-service none
       definition {
    		tmsh::log_dest file
    		tmsh::log_level debug
    		foreach temp(pool_config) [tmsh::get_config /ltm pool] {
    			set temp(pool_name) [tmsh::get_name $temp(pool_config)]
    			if { [tmsh::show /ltm pool $temp(pool_name)] contains "Availability           : available" } then {
    				# Everything is fine... 	
    			} else {
    				tmsh::log debug "Pool Check: $temp(pool_name) is unhealthy"
       description none
       events none


     Cheers, Kai