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Aug 11, 2021

About Lab License and More

Hello all,


I am a current Jr Sys admin and have decided to learn F5 since the company i work for has this setup and there is only 1 person on my team that knows how to use it (company is Pratt & Whitney)

So i did buy the LAB VE License , also a book on amazon for a study guide and also subscribed to devcentral youtube . as i plan to take exams 101 and 201.

I do have a home lab (on a different ISP that my work pays for) and i do have a server (esxi) and other little things ,

Now i know my Lab VE will be in esxi and the throughput is 10MBPS and that is perfectly ok for a lab


My question really is is there a LAB LICENSE for physical hardware?

Say i bought or was given a F5 device i would love to put that in my lab rack and mess with it also.


Also is there a lab license that is more then 10mbps ? i would liek to put F5 on my main network (not a prod network at all) but i have a 1GB connection and was woundering if there is a license that has better then 10MBPS but doesn't cost me 10k



Anyways any input is appreciated ( where to start and what not) I am very much looking forward to learning F5 and hopefully one day be able to show others how to use it and add some value to my team .


have a great day!



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  • Hey Christian, to answer your questions, there is no Lab licenses for physical hardware. There are also no "Lab" VE licenses that are over 10Mbps either. That said, nothing should prevent you from using a 10Mbps Lab VE on a 1Gbps network.


    Next, have a look at the Community Labs over at These labs are delivered initially at the F5 Agility Conference but made freely available afterwards for anyone to replicate and learn from in their own environments.


    Happy learning!

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      Hi Buu


      Thank you very much for the info and the Community lab link its much appreciated!