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Nov 30, 2022

About CPU

Hello, When I was checking CPU usage, I found that there are many types of... What do they represent...? The CPU in the dashboard again represents which one in cmmand Any help would b...
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    Nov 30, 2022

    Hi Michaelyang ,

    Under cli, you are looking at each cpu usage for each logical cpu core. If you want to compare it GUI result, you can check it as given below -

    1. Goto - Statistics --> Performance Reports --> Performance Reports
    2. Check System CPU Usage graph
    3. Click the View Detailed Graph where you can see per plane, core cpu usage and compare it with cli o/p

    The one you are seeing in the WEBUI is nothing but overall current usage of Control Plane CPU.

    May I know the F5 model/VM that you are looking at ?